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EWOT Products make you a better gamer, far more capable of tolerating the absolute cesspool of bullshit that is World of Tanks.



Sick of actually trying to learn the game? Tired of getting your ass kicked by shit you can’t see? Are you over getting bitched at by people for not killing anybody? Then this is...


TRUMP Type 59

IT’S HUGE!!! IT’S STUPENDOUS!!! IT’S UNSTOPPABLE!!! IT’S THE TRUMP TYPE 59 Yes, folks, you are not dreaming! WarFailing has teamed up with EWOT and is re-releasing the Type 59 on the North American Server...


Dance210’s Crash Diet Supplement

Are you big? Did your child use you at show and tell for a scale model of The Hindenburg? When the waiter hands you a menu, do you say, “OK”? Do children sell shade...


The Shit Sandwich is Now Available!

Well, folks, here were are once again in the wonderful world of World of Tanks with a new product for your dining pleasure! World of Tanks apparently gave the regional manager of Burger King...