Andrew (Andy) Sillman – Trump Fan

Ladies and gentlemen, we are here today for yet another episode of douchebaggery, only this time with a twist – We’re going to show the typical Trump Fan makeup.

For very good reason, most Trump fans are assumed to be overweight, uneducated (Trump did make a point of saying he LOVES the uneducated), jobless, less than desirable people.

Andrew (he goes by Andy, so from here on out we’ll grant his wish and address him accordingly) is the typical prototype Trump Fan.

He is, at best, ugly.

And he’s overweight.

And he’s jobless.

And he lives at home with mom.

And he’s 28 years old.

And here’s the relevant information to get it out of the way:

Andy Sillman
357 Bardon St Wooster, OH 44691
Cell: (330) 317-0055 

This whole thing sort of fell into my lap. A person at another forum had posted how sick he was of Ohio at large, how the populace of that state had digressed to, at best, knuckle dragging apes hell bent on backsliding into full-blown neanderthal status.

These people, like Andy Sillman, are so stupid that they can’t even vandalize a Joe Biden sign properly:

Turmp? Who the hell is Turmp? (insert eye roll emoji/gif of your choice here)

This happened right down the street from another instance where our subject Andy Sillman enters the picture. A Ring camera catches Andy and two friends walking down the street, seeing a Biden sign in the yard, and Andy coming up and taking it.

A fine, upstanding group of citizens strolling indolently down the street.
Andy Sillman “man’s up” and makes the charge into the lawn.
Andy Sillman, neckbeard extraordinaire, takes the Biden sign.
Andy Sillman makes off with the sign in a blaze of lumbering stupidity.

Why? Why are you going to deface and/or steal political signs? What’s the point?

In fact, he’s just committed petty theft and trespassing. That’s not a good idea for someone who has already been convicted of disorderly conduct:

3/27/2017 – Andrew Sillman, 25 year old male from WOOSTER – Case No. 2017 CR-B 000260
Convicted of Disorderly Conduct, M4, in violation of Ohio Revised Code 2917.11(A)(1). Sentenced by Judge Carol Millhoan to: a fine of $75.00. Additionally the following conditions were imposed: Pay Court Costs / Probation Fees.


This guy is the quintessential Trump Fan. Never amounted to anything in his life, never will; so they take out their frustrations and anger by trying the best they can to hurt those who are somebody, who are educated, who aren’t bitter, self loathing losers.

Take a good look, people. This is what 40% of Americans look like, act like and in the end always will.

This is what we average, decent, middle classed Americans are up against.

And you wonder how Trump keeps so many followers? They are literally too stupid, hateful and pathetic to know any better. That’s how.