The Worst of the Police

The title to this story I have actually stolen from our forum. It was originally started by Zeedox, our resident Canadian, and was a place for us to put examples of bad police behavior.

Watching a couple of videos today made me think long and hard about this story, that thread, and what we can do to bring more awareness to people about what is really happening.

We’re going to use two videos, both are from Kenosha, Wisconsin. In the first video, we see an unarmed Jacob Blake walking away from two officers who have their guns drawn. As Blake tries to enter his truck, the officer opens fire on Blake pumping 7 bullets into his back.

Warning – this is unedited and can be disturbing to some viewers:

Jacob Blake shot to ribbons by police.

So then we flash forward a couple of days. A bunch of white men show up with their AR-15’s and chests poked out telling police that they will handle security.

The police do nothing about it. Of course it doesn’t end well.

One white male, identified as Kyle Rittenhouse, shot an unarmed protester with his AR-15 killing him. Then he took off running as other protesters gave chase. He then opens fire on several people and then shooting around the neighborhood at large as people run for cover.

This of course results in another death and several hospitalized. But as this mad gunman turns and walks towards the oncoming police, watch what happens.

Warning – This video is unedited and may be disturbing to some viewers:

Police do nothing about the man who just murdered two and injured others.

They don’t give the white, armed, hands up man any attention at all. All police do is start yelling on the bull horn for everybody to get out of the street. Even with people yelling at the police “HE JUST KILLED PEOPLE” and “HE JUST SHOT PEOPLE” the police literally ignore him.

So here we go again: unarmed black man shot in the back 7 times while an armed, murderous, white man is completely ignored as police no doubt search for the black man that surely must be the problem of it all.

So how is it that any white person can wonder why black people and people of color at large are so enraged?

I’m white and frankly I’m pissed as hell!

It’s almost as if the 14th amendment doesn’t exist. Of course, with Trump in the White House pretty much the entire Constitution has been thrown under the bus, but for God’s sake what the hell are we doing? How are we allowing this to go on and on and on?

Then we have to consider as well, after George Floyd, all the protests that set off, and we’re STILL right back where we started? Did these officers not get the memo NOT TO SHOOT UNARMED PEOPLE?!

Apparently not.

It’s an absolutely disgusting state of affairs.

A few years ago in Charleston, South Carolina, a young, heavily armed white man walked into a church and open fired on innocent, unarmed black folks holding a Bible Study. He killed 9 people.

Know what happened to him? Police very politely arrested him without putting so much as a single hair on his head out of place. Then they bought him some Burger King fast food.

Meanwhile, not far from that church about two months earlier, a black man named Walter Scot was driving down to the grocery store. He was pulled over because of a tail light not working. (Of course, we all know this was a fishing expedition by the white cop.)

Walter was afraid. You see, he had been divorced and was behind on his child support payments. He panicked and took off running.

He was shot in the back multiple times and killed.

No gun. No attack. No threat. Just behind on child support and scared.

Both of those instances were in 2015 just a couple months apart. Here we are five years later and absolutely nothing has changed. In fact, it’s gotten even worse.

If you want to know why people are screaming out to defund and reconstruct police, you now know why.

If you don’t know why, you are two things without doubt:

  • White
  • Racist

There is no other plausible explanation.

Portrait photo of Walter Scott in U.S. Coast Guard uniform with an American flag partially visible in the background.
Walter Scott