Stan Lippmann – Racist Extraordinaire

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here we are again with another racist douchebag.

The typical racist we run across has always been the same: white, fat, not very well educated if at all, redneck, and a Trump follower. It’s been off the hook lately how bad it’s gotten.

But this guy takes it out a whole new door. He’s a new prototype racist that we’ve not encountered before.

He’s educated, was a lawyer at one point, has run and is running for public office, isn’t fat and still, against all odds, has a full head of hair at age 61.

I came across this guy, as I have a few of these people, on Twitter today. I was reading a tweet by Kristen Clarke today. Here it is:

And here’s that email pic up close:

Wow. Just wow. Who does that sort of thing?

We’ve all seen some very over-the-top racist tirades lately; we’ve seen the Karen’s and Ken’s calling police on black folks for everything from having a BBQ to selling bottled water to putting a Black Lives Matter chalk sign on their own front patio wall.

But this guy is simply gone. Check this tweet out that he sent to Dr. Jason Johnson back in May:

I’m sure that everybody reading this is going to find it horrifically offensive. Believe me when I tell you, so do I. It’s beyond the pale.

But a good reason people like this do things like this is because nobody ever talks about it. The news will say “racist comments” or they will blur out the pictures or bleep out the audio so that nobody really knows what we’re talking about.

Painful as it may be, we don’t do that here. We show it like it is so there is no doubt at all; there is nothing left to the imagination.

So who is this…I can’t even think of a proper word for him?

Well, here’s who he is:

Stanley Irving Lippman
1532 Nw 195Th St Unit 5
Shoreline, WA 98177
Mobile 1: (206) 372-7594
Mobile 2: (206) 751-8425
Mobile 3: (206) 390-7114
Landline 1: (206) 860-6809
Landline 2: (206) 442-1407
Email: [email protected]

If you’ll all remember, we said that he WAS a lawyer as well. He was disbarred. Rather that go into the entire story we’re just going to point you to the Seattle Times article that covers the entire episode and list the bullet points here of what he was disbarred for:

  • Using substantial parts of $31,350 in client fees for his own use before earning the fees;
  • Disbursing $1,100 from his trust account before waiting for a client’s two postdated checks to clear;
  • Depositing $5,000 into his general business account instead of a trust account;
  • Obtaining an unsecured, interest-free $10,000 loan from a client with no set date for repayment;
  • Obtaining a $2,000 interest-free loan from another client without written documentation; and
  • Attempting to collect $42,383 from a client he had represented on a contingency basis after withdrawing from the case because of a grievance filed against him by the client.

Wow. Just wow. Again.

This guy is, as best we can tell, a completely unhinged, unscrupulous racist extraordinaire.

And he’s a Trump follower. Go figure.

Here’s what he looked like in 2009 when he was disbarred:

And here’s what he looks like as of last year:

He has NOT aged well, has he? I guess in the end all that hate and criminality took its toll on him.

Maybe that’s why he’s so angry. Maybe that’s why he’s so worthless.

But how on earth can that explain why he’s so racist? This is a guy that had it all. Now?

Well, all he can do now is troll social media and spout out racist rants.

Hopefully, soon, he’ll no longer be able to do that either. So, let him know what you think, folks.