Kevin Alfaro v. Peter Sandomenico

To Serve and to Protect.

That’s the motto that most police departments have on their cars, in their hallways on plaques and on flags and seals around the nation.

Unfortunately, that has turned out to be at best an oxymoron rather than a motto.

The whole Black Lives Matter movement has been brought to the fore by blatant, wanton police brutality against blacks. We here have spoken out about it before and will continue to do so.

Which brings us to Kevin Alfaro.

Kevin, as it turns out, is an average guy in New Jersey that went out to stand in protest alongside many others at a Black Lives Matter rally on June 26th, 2020.

According to Kevin there were some counter protesters there as well. (Apparently, white people in that area of New Jersey are very upset that blacks would dare want equality under the law.) Kevin also stated that the protesters were separated from the counter protesters by a wall of barricades with the police officers from the Nutley Police Department in between them.

This is backed up by photographs taken of the ralley:

Of note is that Kevin states the counter protesters seemed to be buddy-buddy with some of the police officers. What’s more, several of the police officers reportedly had their names and badge numbers covered with tape.

That, of course, is against police procedures and is never supposed to be done. It has, however, become standard practice of police and soldiers at these rallies from coast to coast.

At this point, I think it best to let Kevin’s own words describe what happened:

As a citizen exercising my 1st amendment rights, I felt threatened that a public servant was befriending blatant racists. In an attempt to identify a specific police officer who was befriending someone harassing me, I uploaded a photo with the intent identifying an officer wearing a “blue lives matter” mask which has lead to my current legal situation. On 7/12 I received a court summons and am now facing fourth-degree crime charges which carry a possibility of time served. It is very unheard of to go into court against the police and win. I’m counting on a miracle happening and trying to walk away from this unharmed but to do so I need good representation. I am trying to raise these funds that I do not have so I can be well represented when my court date comes on August 12th.


Basically, what Kevin did was Tweet a picture of the officer in question and ask for him to be identified. Here it is:

That’s it. That’s all it was. The tweet has since been deleted.

Then of course the Twitterverse did it’s job and identified the officer as Peter Sandomenico of the Nutley Police department.

Then, just over two weeks later, Kevin was served a summons and charged with Felony Cyber Harassment.

I’m not kidding. That’s it. That’s all he did. He didn’t then threaten the guy or fire bomb his house or even light a paper bag of dog poo on fire on his front step, ring the doorbell and take off running. In fact, the only thing ever stated was in the summons where it said:

caused Det. Sandomenico to fear that harm will come to himself, family and property.



He’s a cop that anybody can identify at any time. He is known to people he’s written tickets to, searched, arrested, whatever.

But that tweet is what made him live in fear?

What a crock of absolute crap.

What’s more, 4 other people re-tweeted the post and they too were charged with Felony Cyber Harassment.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks. They charged these folks with a felony over wanting to know who the cop was, which by the way is a matter of public record.

Of course, it didn’t take long for Kevin’s situation to hit the media and all hell broke loose.

Since then the officer in question has been readily identified ad nauseum and the situation drew such outrage that all charges were dropped against all the defendants in this case.

That said, I have to mention the original purpose of this site at this point:

We were originally founded to expose who the bullies were in an online video game. Well, our purpose to that end has only changed somewhat. Now we try to reveal the unbelievable amounts of crap that goes on in our government from coast to coast.

So, with that spirit in mind, here’s the information that I think Kevin was originally looking for which we’ll leave here for posterity:

Peter Sandomenico
Police Officer at Township of Nutley
(973) 661-3784
Cedar Grove, New Jersey
Linkedin Account
Education: High School. 3 years of community college. No degree. (Go figure.)

Notice the COMPLETE LACK of anything even remotely resembling diversity in this police force?

No wonder they were buddy-buddy with the white “anti protesters”.

We’ve have more than this of course, but we’re going to hold off for now until we see what happens with this.

After all, we’re not threatening anybody. We’re only posting what we found on the internet and only about 1/4th of that. (His parents Facebook page, lots of pictures, his address, home and cell phone numbers, pretty much everything is on the internet. All you have to do is Google it.)

And to Kevin, we here would like to say thank you. It’s a tough row to hoe standing up for your rights these days. After all, this is Trump’s America which has become a police state run by racists.

Hang in there man. You’re not alone.