We’ve all been watching the last couple of days the protest taking place from one side of this nation to the other. Many were peaceful, but quite a few got out of hand as well with property damage and destroyed police vehicles galore.

It’s been one hell of a year. We had our president call what has become the worst pandemic since bubonic plague a hoax, then downplay it, then ultimately make more a mess of it than humanly possible.

We’ve seen the stock market crash, 40 million people have lost their jobs, people have been under stay at home orders for two months…

The nation was a powder keg looking for a spark to ignite it.

George Floyd was that spark.

People have taken to the streets over police needlessly killing George Floyd by kneeling on his neck with a knee for over 9 minutes ultimately crushing the life right out of him.

But these protests themselves have taken a turn for the worse in more than a few cases. Looting, property damage, fighting, tear gas, arrests…

It’s been rough.

The White House has been silent except for Trump’s Twitter raging, such as:

So in the midst of this rage tweeting where Trump goes full blown redneck by threatening to “sick the dogs on” and getting some “most ominous weapons” to “greet” the protesters, of course the rednecks reading his attitude decide they’re going to go to work for their fearless leader (who is of course hiding like the coward he is behind high wrought iron walls, the secret service and everything else 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has to offer).

Enter Brandon McCormick.

At a protest going on in Salt Lake City, a reporter happens upon Brandon McCormick, beaten bloody, out of breath, and quite upset. The reporter asked Brandon what happened, and the story goes from there. Here it is:

Brandon McCormick lies to reporter.

Now, according to Brandon, his old, fat, white, weapons carrying self came down to the protest to support the folks protesting for George Floyd. According to him, all he did was yell “all lives matter” out the window of his car and two black men assaulted him, beat him senseless and then destroyed and burned his car while police officers had to rescue him from certain death.

Brandon also, when told by the reporter to get his head looked at because it looked pretty bad, also offers up that he can’t go to the doctor because he’s unemployed and has no insurance.

So we have a fat, white, buzzheaded, weapon toting, unemployed white man going to a protest for what, exactly? To yell out “all lives matter”?


He went down there to start a fight. Brandon McCormick completely left out the part about threatening kids with a machete.

And here is Brandon doing his best improvosation of Robin Hood:

And another angle:

And you’ll note that almost everybody that disarms him and takes him out is white.

But it was two black guys.

He was in his car.

Yeah. Sure. Right.

And here it is, folks. Here is Trump’s ‘Murica on display for all to see. Brandon McCormick never had any intention of taking part in a protest to support George Floyd.

Brandon McCormick loaded up on weapons and got in the car to go down there and stand up for Trump’s ‘Murica!

It’s not enough many of us have been pushed to the point we’re ashamed to be Americans. Now they’re pushing us to the point of being ashamed to be white.

God help us.

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