The Daily Beast has blasted the Trump theory that Covid-19 originated in a Chinese lab in Wuhan and was released on accident completely out of the water.

If you’ll recall, although Trump and his staff have continuously pushed this narrative, they never once offered any sort of evidence to support their accusations.

Well, we now know what their “evidence” was. It was an independent report done by the Multi-Agency Collaboration Environment (MACE). MACE is a subsidiary of Sierra Nevada, a major Department of Defense contractor.

So where does MACE get their evidence from? Well, here’s where things get silly: The internet.

That’s right. The internet. The president of the United States is spreading a bogus narrative that a group of people made up by surfing the internet. That’s about what it all boils down to.

In the article by the Daily Beast, they break down how much is wrong with the report. It’s a very interesting read, so make sure you check it out because we’re only going to touch on a few key points here:

The report claims to rely on social media postings, commercial satellite imagery, and cellphone location data to draw the conclusion that some sort of “hazardous event” occurred at the Wuhan virology lab in October 2019—an event that allowed COVID-19 to escape.


Wow. Just wow. What’s also important to know is that at no point did the Department of Defense or the State Department ask MACE to do this, I’ll use the term as loosely as I possibly can, “research”.

Right off the bat, the “research” methods are not only highly suspect, they’re easily proven to be completely bogus.

Key point one:

But the report’s claim centers around missing location data for up to seven phones — and in many cases, less than that. It’s too small a sample size to prove much of anything, especially when the same devices showed similar absences in the spring of 2019. 


Seven phones. In a city of 11 million people. Wow. Just wow. Even a Junior High School student knows better than that.

But apparently, it’s enough for Trump to say that he’s seen absolute facts that China created and released the virus.

Which brings us to key point number two:

What’s more, imagery collected by DigitalGlobe’s Maxar Technologies satellites and provided to The Daily Beast reveals a simpler, less exotic reason for why analysts believed “roadblocks” went into place around the lab after the supposed accident: road construction.


So this MACE organization used some public satellite imagery and went back far enough to where they saw some road blocks on the street out beside the lab area.

They claimed that was to keep the cars from coming anywhere near the lab so the virus wouldn’t infect them.

There’s only one problem with that theory: it’s completely made up. It was simple road construction as a new set of buildings were being built right across the street.

What’s more, you can see cars in the parking lot of the lab and on the streets on the very days that MACE claims the outbreak happened and afterward.

Which brings us to key point number three:

“This is an illustrated guide on how not to do open source analysis,” said Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, who analyzed the MACE report for The Daily Beast. “It is filled with apples-to-oranges comparisons, motivated reasoning, and a complete refusal to consider mundane explanations or place the data in any sort of context.” 


What this boils down to from reading the entire article is that Trump, or someone on his behalf, sent the equivalent of Alex Jones to make a report to show that China created Covid-19 and then through carelessness or negligence or both released it into the public.

This in the face of our own scientist telling us that the virus developed naturally and then leaped species to humans.

This is all typical Trump: if you can’t prove something, make something up. He’s done it his entire life.

Do yourselves a favor and jump over to The Daily Beast and read the complete article. Don’t feel bad if you start laughing, or shaking your head, or both.

It’s absolutely laughable what this nation has become under Trump. It’s been transformed into Infowars.

The problem though is this sort of thing can damage the already destroyed reputation of the United States. Charging a completely false crime of negligence of this nature, and we’re talking so false a kid can disprove it using the same internet this conspiracy theory was created with, is beyond the pale.

Wars have started this way.

Then again, maybe that’s what Trump wants. Apparently, not enough Americans are dying of Covid-19, so a massive war would China would get the job done and make him happy.

God help us.

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