We’ve all seen “that” guy before. You’ve been at the movies, or out for dinner or a party or ball game and “that” guy starts to make a complete ass of himself in public.

Joel Michael Singer is “that” guy. This whole thing started about a year ago, July of 2019, in a small restaurant. For some reason unknown to anybody, Joel Michael Singer, who apparently is well to do and whose parents have deep pockets, decided to punch a waiter.

Whatever your problem at a restaurant is, punching a waiter is beyond the pale. It’s douchebaggery of the highest order, hence his appearance here.

We don’t know what led up to that point, but we do know what happened afterward. Apparently, the waiter told the manager about the incident and the manager was having words with Mr. Singer on his way out the door. There is a video of the entire incident that we’ll get to later.

So here, at the start, the manager is asking, “Did you punch this guy” and Singer denies it all along.

Source: Video from https://joelmsinger.com/

Next, Singer starts his tough guy act, getting up in the face of the manager and employee. (Note the employee he punched earlier adopting a defensive posture.)

Source: Video from https://joelmsinger.com/

Then for just a moment, it appears that Singer is going to just walk off with the end result being he made an ass of himself and that’s that.

Source: Video from https://joelmsinger.com/

But one can tell from that smug look on his face that Singer isn’t done. In short order he turns and starts to storm back towards the two employees.

Source: Video from https://joelmsinger.com/

Then, for reasons only a completely unhinged psychopath could know, he headbutts the manager.

Source: Video from https://joelmsinger.com/

Singer then begins to storm out once more adopting his “chest out” tough guy walk.

Source: Video from https://joelmsinger.com/

It’s at this point that our roid raged psychopath, feeling invincible, bites off more than he can chew. Apparently, as Singer was approaching the door there was a man standing somewhat in his way. Singer decides to take a swing, obviously hoping he would catch the man off guard like he did the manager.

Source: Video from https://joelmsinger.com/

Singer, poor douchebag that he is, has opened up a can of ass-whoop he is not man enough to handle. The man Singer swings at wraps Singer up and takes him down hard.

Source: Video from https://joelmsinger.com/
Source: Video from https://joelmsinger.com/
Source: Video from https://joelmsinger.com/

And the good Samaritan holds the hapless Singer there until the police arrive.

All of this alone is, easily, enough to get you posted here in the Douchebaggery section, but it gets worse.

I do not like Reddit. I never have. To me, it’s the most chaotic, unusable, disorganized mess I’ve ever seen. To make matters worse, it seems as though if you’re a complete douchebag, they’ll protect you.

Someone (we believe it was the guy that took the video) started a subreddit about this entire incident. He did pretty much what we just did. Then the copy write strikes and take downs started.

The video was removed from YouTube, the article on Reddit was deleted and the user that posted it banned.

Apparently, Singer and his family money started hurling it around to get rid of all the evidence of his douchebaggery…

until May of this year. We’re not sure who did it, but we’re glad they did; someone started up a website called Joel Michael Singer.

The full length video of the incident is there, so please visit and give it a watch. There’s also a great deal more information about Joel Micheal Singer on that site if you’re interested.

Congratulations, Joel! You’re the first article on our newly created Douchebaggery catagory!

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