Coronavirus Panic is Here!

Just yesterday on the forum we had a member post this story. Here’s a snippet from it:

Panic is setting in for residents on the West Coast as California becomes a coronavirus hotspot, Washington state reports the first US death from the virus and Oregon officials announce that an elementary school employee has tested positive for the disease. Anxious shoppers descended on California supermarkets, stocking up on supplies like bottled water, canned food and Clorox wipes.


And people, they were not kidding. I just got back about an hour ago from a run to get the usual shopping done. First stop: Costco.

I was absolutely floored when I pulled into the parking lot. In 14 years of going there since it was built I had never seen the entire lot full. It took me about 10 minutes to find a space.

When I got inside, it looked like everyone in the State of Georgia was there and they were all mobilizing for Iwo Jima. Many had in fact abandoned carts in favor of large, flat bed trollies that were loaded up with all manner of things.

There were sold out of hand sanitizer. Costco. Sold out. Yeah.

For whatever reason, there had also been a run on beer, coffee and half n half. I managed to get my beloved Stella and a large bag of coffee beans, so I’m all good.

I gathered a few meats, the usual stuff, bought my daughter a cheesecake just because, and headed to the registers. Normally, there are only 2 or 3 registers open at 10:30 in the morning. Today, they were all open and the line was unbelievable.

Checkout line at Costco

Yes, that’s my daughter’s cheesecake. No, you can’t have any. Anyway, what you can’t see is the very long line of registers to the right. This line is one of three queues to get into the lines at the registers. So I stepped forward and took this picture:

Wall to wall waiting at Costco

If you look all the way to the other end that man in the grey hoody and jeans is the start of another line like the one I was in pictured above going down that side of the aisles. It was insane.

People, I’m not one to panic, but if I were you I’d hustle on down to the grocery store and stock up on your usual things and some non-perishables before they’re gone. I’m serious. The panic in less than a day has spread literally from coast to coast.

This has been a public service announcement.

P.S. I went down to Publix to pick up a few things. They too were sold out of hand sanitizer. So was Kroger. So was CVS. So was Walgreens. I’ve ordered a case from Amazon that’ll be here Wednesday.