You can’t fix stupid.

Strap in for a good one, folks! It seems our man Ian has been listening to the idiots over at Wotlabs and building his own site to parody us. The problem with it is that absolutely NONE of it is true. It’s all based on a debunked conspiracy theory from years ago.

Now, I don’t really know all the ins and outs of this bullshit, so I’m going to leave it here and let Gomez explain the whole damn thing.

Gomez_Adams is my World of Warships account. I have a World of Tanks account as well, but it is not and never was VladimirsRevenge.

It was Tolos who went off the rails with the accusations that we were the same person. The problem is, Tolos is a liar. Always has been. In fact, the thread he went off the rails on accusing me of being Vlad, he lied no less than 3 times and was busted by the Admins for it. It actually got so bad that everybody from Wotlabs started reporting me to the admins so they decided to investigate it.

That was when Felicia Johnson (known as NyxWGA) investigated the entire matter. First, she messaged me. Then she called me and eventually talked to Vlad as well on a conference call along with me.

Vlad was actually livid about the entire thing as he had quit playing months before shortly after he shut down the Wotfreespeech forum.

At any rate, Felicia apologized, said she understood and that she would sort it out on the forum, which she did. Twice.

It didn’t matter. Tolos being Tolos, he and his band of Wotlabs cronies kept that theory going and it lives on to this day. Here’s few shots of what went down in 2016:

Tolos accuses me of being VladimirsRevenge
Felicia says it’s not true
Tolos essentially calls Felicia a liar.
Felicia again tells Tolos he’s wrong.

But none of it matters. The entire Wotlabs crew makes things up all the time. It’s pathological. They believe what they believe no matter what. But lying is nothing new to the Wotlabs crew. It’s pretty much all they do. Tolos in fact was lying the entire thread. Such as this example earlier in the thread:

Tolos lies about getting a ban

And he gets all the likes from the Wotlabs hangers on. Then of course Felicia hits him with this:

Felicia calls Tolos a liar.

See? It’s pathological. Tolos would go on to make more excuses, lie more, accuse more. It was a classless display of unhinged conspiracy theory by him the entire thread.

To the best of my knowledge, Vlad’s last game was end of 2014 or first part of 2015 or thereabouts, shortly after he closed down the Wotfreespeech forum. It may have been middle of 2015, I honestly can’t remember exactly. He gave his account away and moved on. He has visited this site twice that I’m aware of when we first set it up. Since then, I’ve only seen him once and that was a few weeks back when we all went to protest the Nazi’s marching in Dahlonega.

Vlad is 25 years my senior. We met at a motorcycle show in 2007 just after I bought my brand new Vmax. He’s been a dear friend ever since. He’s got COPD now, and doesn’t get out much.

But I’m sure this will all fall on deaf ears. After all, it’s much easier to believe what you want to believe; that everybody is lying but you, that there’s a huge conspiracy conducted by Wargaming themselves to “cover up” for us for some strange reason. But that’s the problem with people like Tolos: they lie so much they assume everybody else is lying, even in the face of proof to the contrary.

So there it is, dipshit. You spent days working on a site built completely on a fucking made up conspiracy theory. Let me post some shit right here that was said in the comments on your other story:

Thirdly, he’s made another mistake going after old threads over at Wot Labs, thinking he’s found allies there. He’ll in time find that’s a mistake.

Insurrectional Leftist – September 23, 2019

Yep. That’s a fact. The bright side of it though is that he just helps push his name and story higher in search results. He’s actually working for us and they are too. That’s what makes it so fucking hysterical.

Thing 1 – September 24, 2019

Google your name, Ian. We’re the number one result.

Google your game name. We’re numbers 2, 3 and 4.

Keep up the good work, dumbass.

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4 Responses

  1. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    “help me! I’m lying in the floor laughing so hard that I can’t get up!” 🙂 OMG
    I remember that stuff too. Tolo’s is the only one I can say that could lie nearly as good as Trump himself (maybe their friends ?) Tolos was the foremost of all liars there was.

  2. Thing 1 says:

    He still is. Fucker is still posting all manner of bullshit when he hasn’t played the game since 2015. At the time of that very thread Gomez points out, he hadn’t played in just over a year.

  3. Zeedox says:

    Tolos found a wifi not sick of his leaching?

  4. Thing 1 says:

    I hear he shacks up outside the local public library these days, so yeah. LOL!

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