Ian Tone & Josh Miller TK Valkyrie 1944

Well folks, here we go again…only this time we’re jumping ship from Wargaming to Gaijin products with War Thunder.

Now, it is highly unusual for us to pick on someone other than Wargaming, but simple fact is nobody is playing World of Tanks or World of Warships anymore and nobody ever fucking played World of Warplanes, so we’re a bit hard pressed for material.

Not to worry! Our man in Istanbul, Valkyrie 1944, brings us a classic example of what I like to call “The Same Fucking Thing Happens Every Game”.

Now, to set this all up, Valkyrie was in his BV238 (a heavy German premium bomber). His first game out, he was hurled in with 3 other BV238’s, two of whom were platooned together. They were MonkeySquasher (Ian Tone) and Wolv324 (Josh Miller).

So Valkyrie tries to call a base, the two assholes Ian and Josh talk smack, then nose dive, take all the bases and then trash talk Valkyrie with all manner of “you suck” shit.

So the very next game they are all together again. IMMEDIATELY, Ian Tone (MonkeySquasher) starts trash talking Valkyrie again.

Now, to his credit, Valkyrie never says a word until the end. He just dives to try to get a base. That’s it. He never swerves, never fires his guns, never does a single thing.

They TK him for it.

So as Ian and Josh are shit talking, they actually start the game climbing. While they do that, Valkyrie and the other BV238 played by Black Ice start to dive for the bases.

Valkyrie and Black Ice dive while Ian Tone and Josh Miller climb

Now of course, at first, Ian is too busy shit talking and trolling to notice what’s happening, giving Valkyrie and Black Ice about a mile lead to the bases. Josh notices first and starts a hard dive to try to catch up. Ian notices a bit later and tries to catch up as well.

After more trolling and shit talk, Ian decides to start threatening Valkyrie with a team kill if he doesn’t specifically state which base he’s going to bomb…like it would make any fucking difference at all because it sure as hell didn’t the previous game.

And after opening fire, Ian blows Valkyrie to kingdom come.

Now, the reality of all of this is simple: Valkyrie was simply doing this game EXACTLY what they did the last game: diving in to take the bases before anybody else could get to them. It happens a lot in War Thunder where “calling” something doesn’t really mean shit – it’s whoever gets there first.

In the end, Ian was simply pissed off that Valkyrie got the jump on him and that this game Valkyrie was going to bomb the bases not him.

So he fucking Team Kills him. Like the dick he is. Fucking cock sucker. In fact, he’s the kind of cock sucker that I’ve decided deserves my “special” attentions. So let’s talk about my new buddy Ian Tone and his asshole fuck buddy Josh Miller, shall we?

Ian and Nicole Tone

1116 Escarpment Drive
Lewiston, NY 14092
Ian’s cell: 716-930-1197
Land Line: 480-857-7907
email: [email protected]

And here’s Ian Tone:

Ian Tone


Here’s his Facebook.
His Twitter.
His LinkedIn.

Primary Work:
American Medical Response – Western New York
481 William L. Gaiter Pkwy.
Buffalo, New York 14215
Phone: 716-882-8400
Website: http://www.amrwny.net/

Secondary Work:
Strong Tactics LLC
Website: https://www.strongtacticsllc.com/
Phone: 814-230-8262
Email: [email protected]

Now lets meet his partner in crime, Josh Miller

Josh S. Miller

17 Ridgecrest Ave
Latham, NY 12110

Now, Josh’s information is somewhat sketchy because he’s a loser. He’s never owned his own place, never bought his own cell phone, never actually owned anything at all. He got discharged from the military, moved back home, and has been leeching ever since.

About his best contribution is he is a volunteer firefighter at the Rapids Volunteer Fire Department. You can call them at 716-434-4502.

He’s the typical millennial: Never amounted to much, never will. Here he is:

Josh Miller

But of course, on the internet, HE’S A SUPERSTAR!!! He’s EVERYWHERE!!!

We’re going to leave his squeez Hannah, who poses every picture like she’s expecting a dick to be shoved in her face at any give second, out of this since she’s apparently had a very rough time of things being yet another in a very long line of millenial failures.

And for the finishing touch, just to show we didn’t take selective screen shots to prove our case, here is the entire game video from Ian’s point of view.


UPDATE 8/20/2019

So the turnip actually emailed me. Here’s the relevant meat and potato parts with my responses:

Subject: Re: Ian Tone / Josh Miller Post

From[email protected]
ToIan Tone
DateToday 07:35

But I think we need to have a conversation.

No. We don’t. As far as I’m concerned, the conversation was over the minute I hit POST on the article. I have had, do not have, nor will I ever have any need to talk to you again. This is actually the first, last and only correspondence you’ll ever get.

However, the private info needs to be taken down immediately, including names and photos.


First off, dumbass, it’s not private. You and your company of idiots posted everything in the public domain. Every single thing found and posted in that article was found via Google. So if you have a problem with someone, it should be yourself for being a complete idiot and posting all of your personal information online so it can be indexed by search engines and found anywhere in the world with a simple Google search.

Your continued attempts to stalk our social media for the purpose of releasing information to further your harassment and intimidation must cease.

Continued? You really are full of yourself, aren’t you? I haven’t looked at shit since the day I posted the article. If you had bothered to read it, I said very clearly: “(Save your time…I’ve already downloaded all of your images. You know. Keepsakes. 😉 )”

You are causing undue stress and mental anguish to my family and his family,

Wrong again. That is you two. You put everything out there for everybody to see. At no point was anything “private” revealed. It’s all available in the public domain, so you have nobody to blame but yourselves.

If the info is still up by 2300hr on August 20th 2019, there will be consequences. And you need only remember that game to realize that I do not bluff.

Neither do I. Give it your best shot, pal, but take a look at this article: Meet the Assholes – Wargaming Employees

Now, of course Wargaming sent a team of lawyers after us for that one. Guess what? Go on, guess.

They fucking lost. Huge. Know why? Because they put EVERYTHING in the public domain. So go ahead and hire an attorney. He’ll gladly take your money, look at all the shit you’ve all put online and then he’ll tell you that you “can” sue, but you’ll lose. Huge. And I’ll make more money counter suing the shit out of you for my 325 dollar per hour attorney.

So go for broke, pal. Knock yourself out.

You and your team of idiots would be far better served to hire one of these: Guaranteed Removals

I’m sure you all can get a package deal that will take care of the problem quite well, and for far less money than your and my attorneys fees.

Have a nice day,
Thing 1

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47 Responses

  1. Icon_Charlie says:

    Does this means that we… are… expanding to other games?? If we are let me go and start sharpening my knives. I have a nice fillet knife that is great skinning game. Just needs a 600/1200/1800/3000 grit sharpening going and I can guarantee to give anyone a “Razor Blade Smile”. Yes this is dark humor, so dont get your knickers in a twist… You know that Charlie will never hurt you… “Honestly”…. Charlie will never… EVER… hurt you…. Heh…. Heh…. Heh…. Damn this has some legs on this… This sounds like some cheap ass psycho/horror flick material… Better slap on a Trade mark IP on this… Whoo Hoo! TheMadHatter signing off!

  2. Gomez_Adams says:

    Typical. They’re definitely World of Tanks material.

    I’ve not played War Thunder in a while, but that sort of attitude is quite rare in my experience.

  3. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    @Gomez, You are on target with that. Looks like ex-Wargaming people are polluting the skies over at War Thunder now. It has been the friendly skies of War Thunder for a good while. Looks like some of Wargaming’s undesirables are showing up.

  4. Zeedox says:

    I’m still astounded by people who do not understand that there is no privacy when you social media.

  5. Thing 1 says:


    But they’re millenials. It’s all they’ve fucking got.

  6. You think you’re so smart, but you don’t even have the right Josh Miller! You’re as accurate about him as you are about what actually happened in the video. That’s why you don’t have anything from Hannah, you can’t find her or the right Josh Miller.

    I’ll ask you once, politely, to take the personal information down. Additionally, you should email me. You have access to the email in the Twitch account.

  7. Thing 1 says:

    I’m amazed you finally worked up the balls to post here. I’ll take those in order:

    That’s Josh, allright. Either that, or there are two Josh Millers’s that look exactly alike and have a girlfriend named Hannah that looks like this:

    Not our fault they keep mixing very old pictures in with very news ones based on who they’re trying to fucking impress on a daily basis.

    Now, I was perfectly willing to leave her the fuck out of it based on her meltdown she had. But if you absolutely insist on dragging her ass into this, believe me I fucking will in a heartbeat.

    Lets add to that we apparently got it so fucking wrong Josh closed his Instagram we had linked that we took some of the pictures from down to private so he could hide like the little bitch he is.

    Yeah. We’re wrong. LMAO! You fucktard.

    And secondly, I have what happened in game perfect. The video of it is there for all to see. In fact, even the fucking War Thunder moderator that shut down your little whine fest over on the official War Thunder forum said you were wrong as well.

    Let’s review, fucktard:

    Link to thread: MonkeySquasher cries like a bitch and gets shut down by Forum Admin

    Take one good goddamned guess as to why he shut that shit down. Go on. I’ll wait.

    Because I FUCKING POSTED THERE, pal. It’s the post you never got to see that got them all wiped out. And yes, they have been here and seen this and the video in question. Just be thankful your punk ass wasn’t banned for 30 days.

    And lastly, no I don’t need to email your punk ass. You’re not worth the fucking time, effort or energy. Just pray I don’t decide to start adding more, you worthless punk-ass piece of shit. Stop fucking with people. Play the fucking game, have fun and stop acting like you own the goddamned thing. You don’t. You’re just another fucking guy that’s way too fucking old to be up at 2 in the morning playing a goddamned free-to-play game rather than sleeping with your wife.

    IF she’s even still around at this point…

  8. Gomez_Adams says:


    I felt the burn from that post all the way over here.

  9. Zeedox says:

    Someone needs to tell her frog-lipping doesn’t make her lips look fuller, just silly.

  10. Thing 1 says:

    I know, right?

    And she does it in EVERY SINGLE FUCKING PICTURE SHE TAKES. I’m not shitting. I’ve seen around 25 or so pics of that chick and she does it in every single one.

    Now the reveal: if you told her to haul ass she’d have to make three trips. Seriously. BIG OL’ ass.

  11. Thing 1 says:

    Post updated to show email correspondence. You guys know how I like to keep things out in the open.

  12. Zeedox says:

    An ultimatum!
    I bet Idiot-Ian and his Hunka-Hannah don’t do a thing but tuck their collective butt-plug tails between their legs.

  13. Gomez_Adams says:

    I would be curious to know exactly how many times people have threatened to sue this place and then actually tried it.

  14. Thing 1 says:

    I love ultimatums. I love the sound they make as I watch them fly by me into the abyss of ‘who gives a flying fuck’.

    And Gomez, it’s not as many as you would think. Most game bullies have such low self esteem they automatically know they’re outclassed in the real world, so they just take it like a man and soldier on.

    Some actually change their behavior. We’ve had two of them do that. I shit you not.

    To date, we have been threatened with legal action by exactly 27 fucking idiots. Of those, not one so much as had a lawyer contact us on their behalf, let alone file any papers.

    We have had two issues with lawyers:

    1. Wargaming – they had the good sense not to threaten us. They just had their legal team do that. They did win on one point: before I came on board somebody had taken Wargaming’s actual logo and modified it into a Nazi symbol. That violated trademark law, so we had to trash that logo. They had to tell me where it was at the time because I was fucking clueless.

    That was just a red herring though to hide the real reason they were after us: all their employees we revealed on our “Meet the Assholes” article. They wanted that all taken down. They lost. It was all public domain information so they had no right to privacy.

    2. An unnamed complainant. A lawyer did contact us on behalf of someone a good while back. Seems the guy got really bent out of shape and took a header off the top floor of his house. It didn’t do the trick and it wound up just fucking him up real bad. The lawyer asked very politely if there was any dollar amount that would make us take down his personal info, etc.

    I had him make a 500 dollar donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In exchange, I completely deleted the story and all the files attached to it. I also agreed to never mention the person by name again.

    And I haven’t. In fact, I’ve never even mentioned the event at all to anybody until just now.

    Those are the only two times we were ever contacted by any lawyers. Everybody else is just blowing hot air like they do in game.

    You’d think they’d learn after all this shit that the real world doesn’t work like free-to-play pixel tank games.

  15. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    These guys. Aren’t they something else? No honor, no sportsmanship, total disregard for game rules, being cyberbullies, going on the game’s Forum to try to flame and taught players etc. The moderators warn/ban and paste warnings all over the threads etc. OMG. And now, they come over here threatening people with attorneys over public information like a bunch of whiny little bitches. Who are going to LOOSE like a bunch of Whiny Bitches.

    Damn, they need to grow up and act like men, and stop behaving like a bunch of “spoiled rotten PUNKs” 🙂

    They don’t realize this site is road trained, it’s been assailed with Lawyers before already, from different locations within the U.S. already.

  16. Gomez_Adams says:

    @T1 – I know the guy that did the logo. LOL! Yeah. That wasn’t very smart of him and I actually warned him about that at the time.

    @Leftist – You have a point.

    What’s amazing to me is that they don’t have any problem spreading who they are and all of their information all over the World Wide Web. In fact, they hope everybody on earth sees them, believes the fabricated realities they’ve created and “follows” or “subscribes” or in some way worships them.

    But then they go around bullying people, intentionally breaking game rules and the like acting like they own the world.

    Then, when they get caught doing it and that awful, bullying, despicable behavior becomes associated in a direct line with the fabricated reality of the façade they created for themselves on the World Wide Web, they get completely bent out of shape because it proves they’re not the people they pretend to be.

    It proves they are exactly what T1 said they are. That’s the only reason they get upset. If we had all followed them on Facebook/Instagram/whatever, they would have loved us.

    It’s when we show who they really are and how they really act that all of a sudden they don’t want anybody knowing who they are.

    It must truly suck to be them. I am who I am everywhere I go. I don’t pretend to be someone here and then act like a completely different (and mostly awful) person in a game.

    A game for crying out loud. It never ceases to amaze me.

  17. Thing 1 says:

    That’s the hammer hitting the nail dead on, Gomez!

    They don’t give a shit about all their info being available. The only thing they give a shit about is that info showing them to be a fucking asshole. THAT is what they can’t fucking stand. They’re embarrassed by it so they fucking cry like the little bitches they are.

    Here’s a tip for internet trolls and assholes: If you’re going to bully people, break the rules, be a fucking nazi and shit like that, PRAY I don’t find out about it. You’ll wind up here just like all the others.

    And folks, those internet searches companies are doing to find out what kind of weirdo they’re hiring? This shit turns up on them.

    So go ahead. Be a dick. It’s not going to be our problem when you don’t get hired, can’t get a loan or your ass gets fired. It’s going to be ENTIRELY on you.

  18. Thing 1 says:

    It’s official. He’s trending. LMMFAO!!!

    Ian Tone aka MonkeySquasher trending on Google

  19. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    You know, these guys wanted fame on line. Well, they definitely found it allright!! 🙂 Be careful what you wish for, you just might find it.

    Most all employers are doing a social media, check or a scan at some level now days, even if they don’t do a complete background check. Though they should do a complete background check to some level.

  20. Thing 1 says:

    My man in Istanbul read this article and dropped this to me in a PM. He thought it was fitting. I agree with him wholeheartedly.

  21. Gomez_Adams says:


    That wouldn’t be so funny if it weren’t so true.

  22. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Damn !! 🙂 That was good… But scary as hell 🙁

  23. Gomez_Adams says:

    I see the DDoS protection is back up. Did Mr. “I do not bluff” go and do something rash?

  24. Thing 1 says:

    Not sure. Hell, so many fucking worthless trolls hate us there’s no telling. Whoever it was though was a cheapskate. They couldn’t afford a decent attack at all and went with some half-assed, low rent Ukrainian company that doesn’t know its ass from a hole in the ground.

    We had a whole entire 4 minutes of down time before I was alerted to the attack by Cloudflare. I click a button, their money was wasted. They got 4 fucking minutes worth. LMMFAO!!!

    I tell you dude, the stupidity level is off the fucking charts with these fucking idiots these days.

  25. Thing 1 says:

    Observation #1:

    Mr. “I do not bluff” was bluffing. Haven’t heard shit from anybody. So, yeah. Full blown pussy.

    Observation #2:

    Last night at exactly 10:10 PM, someone tried to log in to the admin part of the site. Of course, they guessed wrong.

    Now, each time you guess wrong on this site, your IP is banned and locked out for 4 hours. It’s painfully obvious though that this shit-for-brains attempt was done by, at best, a shit-for-brains moron that actually thinks he’s smart and “doesn’t bluff” about his “game skills”.

    So he switched VPN connections and tried again.


    He would go on to try 16 more times, having to change VPN connections each time he tried only to get instantly rejected like the sniveling little shit-for-brains bitch he is.

    Names he used to try to log in with:

    Thing 1

    Now, for that retarded, shit-for-brains individual (and I think we all know who we’re talking about here) you need to read this post: How to Fail at Hacking 101

    Stop being a fucking amateur you dipshit.

    OH, and Gomez doesn’t have an admin account. I’ll spare you the frustration on that one just to help you out you fucking shit-for-brains.

  26. Gomez_Adams says:


    Some people never learn.

  27. Zeedox says:

    Forrest said it best, “Stupid is, as stupid does”.

  28. Thing 1 says:

    It gets better.

    The fucking idiot tried again last night with the same exact IP’s. He also used…wait for it…the same exact names.

    I tell you, you just can’t help a moron out. You tell them they’re doing it wrong, they continue to do it wrong.

    It’s clear the poor loser can’t even afford a proper VPN. He’s using a free version that only has 17 connections and he’s using the same exact ones each time he tries.

    And failing. Miserably.

    It’s un-fucking believable how stupid some people truly are.

  29. Zeedox says:

    This is on par with putting ceilings in the water-tights of the Titanic.

  30. Thing 1 says:

    LMMFAO!!! You are SOOOOOOOOOOOO right dude!

  31. Gomez_Adams says:

    Guys, this is funny. MonkeySquasher has been over at WoTlabs crying about the whole thing.

    Now, the odd part is there must be something wrong with their forum because the thread is dated from 2014 and this site wasn’t even made until two years after that.

    But for what it’s worth, you can see his tears flowing here: https://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/7169-badlabs/page/9/&tab=comments#comment-794195

  32. Thing 1 says:

    That’s hysterical. Poor fucking bastard.

  33. Gomez_Adams says:

    Yeah. I thought it was pretty funny as well. He’s talking the same smack there that he was here. “My legal team” and “advice of lawyers” while he’s crawling around forums nobody’s posted in for years.

    How desperate and sad do you have to be? We all know the first thing a lawyer tells you is to keep your mouth shut. He’s doing everything but that.

    And I still can’t for the life of me figure out how he calls his information private when he literally posted it all over the internet under his game name.

    Wow. Just wow. I knew millennials were not the sharpest generation but for crying out loud, that’s just off the hook ignorant.

  34. Thing 1 says:

    Yep. The guy is Forest Gumping his way through life for sure.

    I got 5 bucks says he’s panicking because he doesn’t want his wife to find out he’s acting like a fucking 12 year old on the internet. I’ve got a good mind to email her the links to all his shit and let her bitch slap the shit out of him. Fucking idiot.

  35. Zeedox says:

    Talk about some real morons.
    It so funny the amount of info they gave up just in that thread. I can’t believe people actually pointed out what was right and wrong.

  36. Gomez_Adams says:

    The really funny part is that they all have it so wrong.

    That thread was about a free forum VladirmirsRevenge set up back when we were all still playing. That was back in 2014. He quit playing about a year later and it went the way of the dodo. That’s when me and three others started trying to set up this site in 2016.

    Of course, they found out about it and started screwing with it big time. It was a few months after that when they brought in T1 and he took over pretty much everything. It’s been that way ever since.

    I also love how Florb is still saying someone here hacked him. Never mind all the hacking went on between all the clans that he was hanging out with at the time. I mean really. How stupid can you get?

    I also find it laughable that Ian is there saying he tries to keep things ‘private’. Seriously? You just Google his game name MonkeySquasher and his name and everything about him pops right up.

    The other funny part is in the U.S., if you’re 18 years or older, there’s no such thing as Doxing. That’s an EU privacy thing and has absolutely no basis in the United States. It never has.

    The whole “for criminal proceedings” and “possible class action”. LOL! That guy is so clueless it truly is laughable. I haven’t laughed this hard in quite a while.

    It is, quite literally, 50 shades of stupid over there. The other point is that like Tsavo, Ian isn’t telling the whole story at all. They get very selective and play the victim when the facts are far, far different.

  37. Thing 1 says:

    What the fuck did you guys expect? I mean shit, we’ve been dealing with those asshats for years and they’ve never, ever changed.

    I hope he does sue me. I can’t wait to bankrupt his stupid ass.

    And Gomez, you’re right but techically you’re wrong. There is a sort of doxing law in the U.S., but it only covers the following – bearing in mind that the information was in fact private and not listed anywhere:

    – any officer or employee of the United States or of any agency in any branch of the United States Government (including any member of the uniformed services);
    – jurors, witnesses, or other officer in or of, any court;
    – informants or witnesses in a Federal criminal investigation or prosecution;
    – a State or local officer or employee whose restricted personal information is made publicly available because of the participation in, or assistance provided to, a Federal criminal investigation by that officer or employee;

    However, if you don’t fall into one of the above categories, there is no federal law that criminalizes all of the conduct that may be called doxing, such as publishing someone’s contact information.

    And that’s fucking that. So fuck ’em. Let them talk all the shit they want if it helps them sleep better nights.

  38. Gomez_Adams says:

    Yeah, I knew about that. An intern was arrested just recently for putting Senator Lindey Graham’s information and cell phone all over the place.

    But that’s actually protected, non-published, classified information, not something you look up on the white pages or been verified.

  39. Thing 1 says:

    Yep. I gotcha.

  40. Thing 1 says:

    My response on the shit site:

    reply to ian tone on wotlabs

  41. Gomez_Adams says:


    That’s funny! You could have left me out of it though. I just stumbled across it when I was searching for the video. I tell you, he’s actually spreading it around far more than this site ever did by posting about it everywhere he goes.

  42. Thing 1 says:

    Stupid is as stupid does and fucking Ian is about as stupid as they come. Talk shit, talk more shit, spread the shit talk all around, post on every forum you can so their SEO broadcast it even more than ours did alone.

    Dude. Google Ian Tone. We are now the number one slot for his name. THAT is how stupid that fucker is.

  43. Thing 1 says:


    These guys fucking kill me. Really. They do. They deleted a fucking screen shot of a Google search. How fucking paranoid and dumb do you have to be to delete this:

    screen shot of google result for monkeysquasher

    And they also edited out his name that I typed. I get that. OK. No big. But you delete a fucking Google screen shot that’s legit because Ian is such a fucking dumbass?

    You know, there’s an old phrase called “thin the herd”. It means you let the weak and the stupid die because trying to save them is an exercise in futility and only brings down the rest of the herd that are strong and worth saving.

    And Ian also set alerts so he’d know the instant I posted because he was there reading it:

    ian tone sees post on wotlabs

    Poor fucking prick. He actually is stupid enough to believe he just pulled something off. God…maybe I will email his wife and show her all this shit and beg her to get out while the getting is good. She seems just too damn good to be hooked up with a fucking moron of this magnitude.

  44. Gomez_Adams says:

    So, his answer to keeping things private is to perpetually post all over the internet?

    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, this one.

  45. Thing 1 says:

    Apparently, yes. That’s his strategy. Here comes the payoff: If you Google his name now, we are the number one result.

    Yeah. He’s a smart one alright.

  46. Insurrectional_Leftist says:

    Well, anyone who team kills in a game against his own team mates is not a very bright person to begin with. That was his first mistake right there. Antagonizing people in game, unsportsmanlike like conduct, harming his team’s chance of winning, violating the EULA agreement, the TOS of the game, being an absolute jerk in game ( and that’s being kind actually when you watch the replay, overly kind.) The name of the game is not, “Assassinate you’re teammates.” The following battle because you’re butt-hurt over a discussion that took place a previous game.
    Secondly, after becoming more angry, ( in all likely hood after he was probably banned by the Game Master for his actions ) He turns around and posts contacts on the War Thunder Forums screaming, carrying on, making pontifications, accusations, and sorts of things that apparently the War Thunder Moderators “Annihilated the entire rant” and warned him from doing that ever again.
    Thirdly, he’s made another mistake going after old threads over at Wot Labs, thinking he’s found allies there. He’ll in time find that’s a mistake.

  47. Thing 1 says:

    Thirdly, he’s made another mistake going after old threads over at Wot Labs, thinking he’s found allies there. He’ll in time find that’s a mistake.

    Yep. That’s a fact. The bright side of it though is that he just helps push his name and story higher in search results. He’s actually working for us and they are too. That’s what makes it so fucking hysterical.

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