Don’t be too harsh on WarGaming… They’re just a poor, small indie developer.

Don’t be too harsh on the poor folks over at WarGaming… The poor bastards, they’re just a small independent developer just trying to scrape by. They can hardly even feed their server hamsters, let alone themselves.


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These are just well-meaning game developers, with unfortunate circumstances. Everybody knows how hard they try to keep their server hamsters going, they’ve given them their every bit. Sometimes it’s just too much for them, you know?


Been this way for 40 minutes as of writing this post.


Even their Forums are a pinnacle of a well-maintained, properly kept website. It’s not a doubt in anyone’s mind.


I'm beginning to sense a pattern here...


But alas, before we’re too quick to judge them, lest we forget their absolutely flawless track record?


The pour souls, bless them.


For joy, all the good times I remember with them. I squeeze my memory all I may, alas no issues can spring to mind!


Oh WarGaming.


Now come hither. They’re just an independent game developer doing their very best. They have never failed us. Their excellent commitment to providing the best possible gaming experience, is simply impeccable. Nor we can we forget their excellent customer service. It is very clear that customer satisfaction is their top priority; impossible for them to turn their backs to us for a quick buck.




Bloody hell, I need some brain bleach after writing that.