Well, folks, here we go again:

Remember all the bullshit we went through a couple months back with our friends list not working and our chat not working? Remember how that bullshit went on for fucking WEEKS and Wargaming apparently had no fucking clue what was going on or how to fix it?

Remember they started shelling out free premium days for us all?

Remember when, as inept as they were, it at least APPEARED they were trying to fix it and at least threw us a bone when it all went tits up?

Well, sports fans, guess what. Go on, guess. OK, fuck you then, I’ll just tell you:



How is that? I don’t mean how do I know, I’ll get to that in just a minute. I mean, how the flying fuck do you have an issue ONLY in North America, get it all FINALLY worked out after WEEKS of complaints and gnashing of teeth, and then just a few weeks later have THE SAME EXACT FUCKING THING HIT YOUR MOST PROFITABLE SERVERS AND PISS OFF YOUR MAIN PLAYER BASE?

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we’d like to throw out an apology to our struggling brothers over there in Europe. This information was sent to us this past Wednesday evening, but thanks to our single mindedness of going after the fucking trolls over here we didn’t get to this issue until last night and this morning.

That said, we got the message that points to this thread where Aikl makes a very reasonable post about the issue that started back on the 19th and went on plaguing everybody with no answers at all from Wargaming EU. As usual, here’s the screen shot for those of you too lazy to click the damn link:

Now, as far down the shitter as the NA server has gone with pretty much only the trolls left playing it and even half of them quitting the game, one could understand if Wargaming NA hadn’t given a shit and went all silent  on the matter and let it rage on out of control.

But the EU servers are THE breadbasket, THE livelihood, THE ABSOLUTE BASE of the ENTIRE FUCKING COMPANY. That you would ever allow a KNOWN ISSUE YOU ALREADY WENT THROUGH to hit those servers is not just stupid. It’s negligence on a level that defies logic and should be criminalized.

But we’re just getting started folks. It gets worse.

This is the part where a few other people start chiming in on this thread. The topic quickly goes from “I have this problem too” to “Where the hell are all the moderators and why aren’t they saying anything at all”?


I mean, shit man. Really?!

The next thing that really pissed me off as I was looking into this was these post right here:

Now, what’s so odd about these two posts is this: In the first post, the OP Aikl quotes a moderators post. Then, just a couple posts later, the moderator shows up and acts like a complete asshole.

Here comes the funny part: That post by the moderator that Aikl quoted was deleted. It’s fucking gone. So, that means that Jahrakajin made that post, thought better of it and decided to delete it but he was too late as Aikl had already quoted it and busted his ass.

So then Jahrakajin knows he’s busted, shows back up and admits to being busted and acts like an asshole about it.

How’s THAT for moderation, folks? You thought WE had it bad? At least our moderators are just fucking trolls and assholes. This guy is a fucking patent idiot on top of all of that.

But I digress. (I know…I do that a lot lately.)

Moving on…

At this point you really should all take a break, go over to that thread and read it from start to finish. That way, you’ll truly appreciate what comes next. Go on now, we’ll wait.


OK, welcome back. So now that you know how full of shit that all is, we’d like to point out a few things, like this stupid bitch that posted this:

Ph3lan’s enjoying his hard earned weekend? Seriously, bitch? About all that asshole has managed to earn is the hatred of pretty much EVERYBODY for being a complete dick and creating the ENTIRE Sir Foch incident SINGLE HANDED.

Oh, and just for  you EU folks that don’t read this site regularly, Ph3lan’s real info:

Zoltán Sipos

Community Manager (EN/EU) known as Ph3la

What’s more, what does it say that ONE ASSHOLE takes a weekend off and it brings AN ENTIRE GLOBAL OPERATION TO IT’S KNEES?

How does this fucking asshole still have a job? He must be able to suck a baseball through 50 feet of garden hose. I mean, I can’t think of any way at all somebody that has SINGLE HANDED fucked up SO MUCH could still POSSIBLY be employed other than massive, epic, sexual favors.

Can you imagine if one guy didn’t show up an ENTIRE RESTAURANT couldn’t open?

Can you imagine that if one pilot went to take a shit it brought the ENTIRE AIR TRAVEL INDUSTRY to its fucking knees?

That’s essentially what that stupid bitches statement means: one fucking asshole took the weekend off, so we’re sorry; we can’t say anything about what’s going on.

What a fucking sorry assed, lame state of affairs! That goes BEYOND ineptitude into the realm of pure negligence!

What’s more, this stupid bitch offers up the old “Flush Your DNS” bullshit.

Hey, dumb bitch: If it was a DNS issue, they WOULD NEVER HAVE CONNECTED TO THE SERVER TO BEGIN WITH!

God damnit, man…how fucking stupid can you get?

Well, apparently, this stupid:

She doubles down on the DNS flush.

Hey, dumb bitch, NO. The answer is NO. It DID NOT help anybody. At all. You’re lying. You’re a fucking idiot. STOP POSTING!

Jesus Christ on a mother-fucking crutch!

THIS is what Wargaming has come to? Seriously? THESE are the voices of Wargaming, an “alleged” “global” gaming company?

Now that we’ve all seen that Wargaming’s ineptitude in Europe actually surpasses that of North America, I guess the only thing left to ask is, “Is it any big surprise that Wargaming is failing across the board?”

I mean, seriously folks, this is simply unjustifiable…unless, of course, you’re a yes man that works for them. We’ve already exposed the multiple accounts of some people working for Wargaming. It should come as no surprise that they do the same thing in Europe.

In the end, the reason they have no answers is simple: They have nobody working for them anymore. They’re working with a few idiots left that run between 5 and 10 accounts to post from that make it LOOK like they have a small team of people.

I mean, when one guy takes the weekend off, and two English speakers go to a conference, and that effectively leaves 80,000 to 120,000 gamers at any given moment without any hope at all of an answer, then you’re NOT a global company. You’re a has-been Ponzi scheme that’s been relegated to 5 or 6 people working in a run-down, rented apartment trying to do the whole goddamned thing remotely.

And you’re failing.


So to our brothers and sisters over there on the other side of the big pond, all we can say is, “We feel your pain. Truly, we do.”

And we’ll leave this with the image that was posted last when we looked at this story yesterday, because we find it fitting:

EDIT TO ADD: To any EU player that reads this and would like to post, we only have NA accounts able to log in through the API at this time. If you wish to have a manual login created, simply send us an email with your EU user name (NOT YOUR ACCOUNT EMAIL, JUST THE USER NAME) that we can verify and we’ll create a manual login with a computer generated password that you can change later. We’re sorry that’s the way we have to do things, but the constant attacks from Wargaming and their hangers on forbid us from lowering our security settings one single bit.