YOUJO, NICO, and Friends – Racist KKK Clans of Hate and Their Buddies

Well, here we go again, folks. Another so-called power clan, another bunch of racist protected by Wargaming. Now, this was brought to us by a person that frequents Wotlabs who wants to remain anonymous. Yeah, I know…it sounds fishy on its face, doesn’t it?

But that being said, the screen shots speak for themselves. Now, this person doesn’t know what actually happened to set all this off, but the reality is that it doesn’t fucking matter what he did. By he, we are talking about JunkersHiryu.

Now, for those of you who don’t know who Junkers is, he’s a damn good player in tanks, but pretty much sucks ass in ships. He’s like most of us: we have our moments of being an asshole, but by and large we’re not that bad.

So whatever it was he MAY have done, he certainly didn’t deserve the bullshit that happened to him. For whatever reason, the YOUJO – NICO clan community of despots, backed up by the authority and permission of Wargaming North America, decided to PM spam him with racist & homophobic bullshit. It is, at best, FUCKING DISGUSTING. These players should be INSTANTLY and PERMANENTLY BANNED FROM THE GAME FOR THIS SHIT.

Here are the names of the fucking KKK Racist Assholes of YOUJO, NICO and their racist, Nazi, pedophile buddies:

  • johnmadara [YOUJO] – Executive Officer

  • StaleMemes [YOUJO] – Junior Officer

  • Lex_xD [NICO] – Private in Pedophile Anime Clan – Also a racist KKK member by proxy

  • HasATogInHisPants – Independent KKK member, but friend of the clan

  • _DirtyRain_ – Independent KKK member, but friend of the clan

  • _Solidify_ – Independent KKK member, but friend of the clan

  • RealFunny – Independent KKK member, but friend of the clan

  • Ive_Been_Naughty – Independent KKK member, but friend of the clan

Here’s a couple of shots of what these worthless, KKK racist assholes did:

And the fucking racist pig on top of the list, johnmadara, is the worst of them all. This little two-faced, cock-sucking, latent homosexual (not that there’s anything wrong with that) racist fucktard goes on the forums pretending to be this reserved, patient, intelligent person of calm, collective cool that obeys the rules and preaches doing the same:

While he’s in game doing this fucking bullshit:

Yeah. Fucking hypocritical racist asshole.

Below are the full screen shots of the rest of this shit. I’m too fucking disgusted to edit it all out.

They have all been reported by multiple people for this disgusting bullshit.

Nothing has been done, as usual.

Nothing will be done, as usual. Ever.


Because Wargaming LOVE racist, Nazi, homophobic, pedophiles and protect them at all costs. That’s why. In fact, we’ve drawn up a new logo just for Wargaming based on this article and the people in it. They should all have it branded into their fucking foreheads: