Sir Foch gets Fucked by Wargaming

Well, folks, it’s finally happened: Wargaming have gone full fucktard.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, Sir Foch is a…check that, WAS a Community Contributor. He did reviews on tanks, maps, and pretty much everything in between. Now, Sir Foch is, sorry to say, a lot like I am – that is he drops F bombs on a regular basis. He always has in every video he’s made that I’ve ever seen.

So the fuck what, right?

Let’s just take a look at one of his videos from earlier this year, shall we? Here’s one from February:

Now, not only does it open up with F bombs, it does so at Wargaming’s expense. Let’s face it: they fucking deserve it. They’ve taken a once great game with lots of promise and completely run it into the fucking dirt.

So what does that have to do with anything? Well, on his latest video, Sir Foch did more of the same: he dropped F bombs and called what Wargaming was doing with the new Chrysler K fucking moronic – which it is. Here is his original video via Facebook:

SirFoch o nowej premce w World of Tanks.. 😉 Na YT filmik został usunięty. Podobno WG zabrało SirFochowi status Community Contributora za to nagranie.

Posted by World of Tanks Polska on Thursday, May 18, 2017


More of the same, right? So what happened?

Well, it’s been no secret to us that Wargaming has been losing its ass for quite some time now and it’s actually been getting progressively worse. So, in complete desperation, they’re not only fucking their game up and throwing it under the bus completely to try to make a buck out of the shit-hole it’s become before they pull the plug, they’re also trying to silence anybody and everybody that disagrees with them.

Don’t think so? Well, let’s take a look at what they’ve done in just the last week:

  • They’ve black listed this site. That means not only can you not link to it at all, but that any mention of it is an instant strike and/or ban. (Warpack links are still okay if you’re wondering.)
  • They’ve attacked their own Community Contributors by not only making them take down videos, but by threatening them as well.
  • They’ve gotten rid of everybody in customer support and left behind two complete fucking morons to make bullshit posts on the NA forum under multiple accounts.

In short, they’ve gone full-on-fucktard. EPIC. I mean, all this time they’ve never had an issue with him, but now all of a sudden they do?

It’s not just Sir Foch they fucked with either. Circonflexes was also nailed and made to take down a video criticizing map changes to Highway that didn’t even have any F bombs in it at all.

So now they have their bully tactics not just fucking with John Q. Player, but their own fucking people that THEY HAND PICKED.

Let’s hear from Sir Foch on this. Here’s his video he posted AFTER they threatened him and made him take down the one you’ve just watched:

And there it is folks, straight from the horses mouth.

One would think that’s enough, but it isn’t. We feel it necessary to point out something here. A thread was started discussing this issue and it didn’t make it two pages before it was locked up tighter than a drum. You can find it here.

Of note, is this post made by some asshole named Quemapueblos that nobody has ever seen post before:

Really, asshole? You lock down a thread BEFORE it gets out of hand? It wasn’t getting out of hand at all you prick. It was actually a civil discussion. What’s more you say you don’t mind people not agreeing with you but then you lock down a thread that doesn’t agree with you?


Wait…don’t answer that. It’ll just be more stupid bullshit that will give us all a headache.

The fact is Wargaming are in full fucktard mode now. They’re shutting down everything, everybody and all things in between that tell people what this game is really doing and really all about.

They’re OK with Nazi clans, toxic chat, bullying, racism, cheats, hacks, botting, TKing, physics abuse, and everything else. They’re OK with ALL OF IT! Shit, they actually have CC’s that have been caught cheating red handed…but they’re OK! They still are little sock puppet, cock-sucking yes men for Wargaming, so nothing happens to them at all.

All of that said, we’ll just leave it with Sir Foch’s words echoed here once more…and Wargaming can never, ever make us take them down:

GG Wargaming



Can’t even make it a day without an update.

So after this thing turns into a shit storm, the usual Wargaming cock-sucking yes men come out in force blaming Sir Foch for all of this even though there was NOTHING AT ALL DIFFERENT IN THAT VIDEO THAT WASN’T IN PRETTY MUCH EVERY VIDEO HE EVER DID.

To make matters worse, the usual Wargaming cock-sucking yes men call him a liar by saying Wargaming never threatened to strike the videos and fuck with him hard.

And of course they have their sock-puppet, alt-account admin lying sack of shit post this on the open forum:

So according to Njial, who IS THE FUCKING BOSS in all of this, they HAVE NEVER and WILL NEVER pursue a copyright strike.

Really, asshole?

Because there you guys are DOING EXACTLY THAT!

You lying sacks of shit!

These images were posted on the main forum by Gothraul. We are re-posting them here in the event they are deleted by those lying sacks of shit at Wargaming. All credit for these images belongs to Gothraul.

UPDATE 5/22/17:

Here’s The Jimquisition episode covering this bullshit: