Well, folks, here we are again with yet ANOTHER Nazi clan protected by Wargaming. You just can’t make this shit up.

Now, before we get into yet ANOTHER Nazi clan, we need to make something abundantly clear:





Now that we have that abundantly clear to all, here we go:

The clan uses the letters GSH. It stands for Geyers Schwarzer Haufen (Geyer’s Black Bunch). Here’s their clan page logo:

Now, for those of you who don’t know, the triple triangle is called a Valknut. Now, it was used back in the Viking days as the symbol for Odin, and is still used to this day by pagans. Annnnnnnd cue Jerry Seinfeld:

But that’s not what they’re using it for, folks. They’re the typical, redneck, sleeping with their sister, drinking Jack Daniels, living in a trailer, living on welfare, sucking up food stamps, closet white supremacist, wanna be Nazi’s.

So how do we know this?

Well, first off, they’re led by an Executive Officer named The_German_Tanker_. And here he is in all his glory:

Yes, a fine, upstanding example of very cosmopolitan citizenry, is he not? Shit…the poor fucker couldn’t even get that chick to stand within 2 feet of him after paying her 30 bucks. I shudder to think what he paid her for a hand job…if that was even on the menu.

Fucking pathetic.

Anywho, on with the article:

Well, taken alone the symbol COULD mean they’re pagans. Put together with the Iron Cross and the name Geyers Schwarzer Haufen, however, it could only refer to one thing: The 8th SS Cavalry Division. So how to you get to a Nazi SS division from Geyers Schwarzer Haufen? Pretty simple really, and it’s typical of cowardly, closet white supremacist that are too ashamed of who they are and too chicken shit to stand up for what they “say” they believe in, to use hidden references that only they recognize.

The problem with that is simple: They’re fucking stupid.

What they “say” Geyers Schwarzer Haufen refers to is an uprising that took place centuries ago, 1525 to be exact. That group of that uprising was refereed to as Geyers Schwarzer Haufen because the person that was in charge name was Florian Geyer. So, you flash forward 400 years and change and what was the 8th SS Cavalry Division referred to as?

Florian Geyer.

Yea. That’s no coincidence people. That’s intentional. They’re fucking half-wit Nazi’s. To make matters worse, let’s take a look at their post in the recruitment center on the World of Tanks forum:

I mean, it just screams out “we’re closet Nazi’s and we love you, man!” I mean, just read that shit folks. Go on now. I’ll wait.

Some of my favorite statements in that:

  • We will have a very mature leadership…

Really? Fucking when, dumbass?

  • We can fix your stats and tier level if that is what you seek.

Really? Hmmmm…

Fix them how? To where no reputable clan will ever recruit you again?

Obviously, these are not very sharp individuals…but then again, most racist aren’t. They’re always ignorant people that can’t tell their ass from a hole in the ground and lean forward in the car while it’s going up hill. Just to show you how fucking stupid these inbred fucktards are, feast your eyes on this:

Strangest god damned English I’ve ever seen. And by the way you fucking morons, if you can’t speak proper German, don’t speak it at all. Google Translate is NOT the way to go. Idiots.

But I digress…(I know, I know. It’s getting to be a habit, isn’t it?)

Moving on: So all of this, although VERY HIGHLY SUSPECT, isn’t really 100% proof, is it? Well, to us it is.

But wait!!! There’s more!!!

How about this, sports fans?

And that comes from this site:

Click here for link.

(Don’t you just love that “Tell the truth and fear no one!” statement on a site full of fucking closet cowards hiding a World of Tanks clan?)

That’s them, folks. That is a bunch of white supremacist, on a white supremacist site, recommending the GSH clan, led by WilhelmvonPreussen, who is still the commander to this day.

NOW how convinced are you?

But wait!!! There’s more!!!

They refer to their own “private” website they have. It’s a secret. It’s not posted anywhere, and if you’re not a member you can’t see any of the racist, circle-jerking bullshit they post.

Unless, of course, you know how to use Google:  Secret GSH Nazi Site That Can’t Be Seen

And let’s check out some of the quality posting they’re doing over there, shall we?

Yea, folks. These guys are full on, racist, dipshit Nazi’s and they’re proud of it, which is why they hide like bitches. Here’s a tip, assholes: get a webmaster that knows what the fuck he’s doing.


Oh, and for the record, we’re going to start off a new list on the name and shame forum: Known Nazi’s. Fuck you assholes! We’re calling you ALL out.

UPDATE 4/18/17:

Couldn’t resist folks…I just couldn’t resist…