Well all know that over the last decade since the Tea Party was founded that the GOP has gone off the deep end. The level of rhetoric, baseless claims, conspiracy theories and more have increased to such a level that the entirety of the republican party is now completely divorced from reality.

It’s a sad thing to see, too.

Before the tea party came along, being conservative meant:

  • You don’t spend money that you don’t have.
  • You don’t get involved in other people’s business that doesn’t concern you.
  • You take care of cleaning up your house before you worry about everybody else’s.

But under the new guidelines of the GOP, being conservative means:

  • You believe every meme you see regardless of how ridiculous it is.
  • Science is your enemy that is never to be trusted because, well, facts.
  • Everything is a conspiracy. Everything.

The entirety of the GOP has digressed to the dark ages, where uneducated sheep follow the bread crumb trail of falsehoods that their leaders leave behind for them to follow.

The typical republican now believes that Bill…

Even though we all saw this coming long ago, it still comes as a shock that it actually happened.

Donald Trump has commuted the sentence of Roger Stone, the man that actually helped Trump coordinate with the Russians and Wikileaks to help win the election in 2016.

Read that 5 times and let it sink in.

Even Richard Nixon would be appalled.

So what does “commute” mean? Well, in a nutshell it means that Roger Stone will still have 7 felony convictions against him on his personal record, but he will not serve one second in jail or on probation. The crimes still happened, but the sentence is effectively destroyed.

Of course, Roger Stone will wear the conviction as a red badge of courage, so it’s not like it does anything to him personally.

It does mean however that he can no longer own or possess firearms and is no longer allowed to vote.

Big whoop.

It also sends a very clear message: If you lie for Trump, steal for Trump, kill for…


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